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Average return on investment is 50% per year. California residents or entities: triple your money over the life of each project. 


Emerging Market

Cannabis is a hot, emerging market and is currently worth more than gold! As more states legalize marijuana and demand continues to increase, Cannabis should be a highly-profitable investment in California for years to come. 

Consumable Agriculture

Cannabis is a consumable agriculture that can be harvested up to six times per year. This means that like produce in a grocery store, it provides a year-round supply and high profit margins. 

Medical Uses

Medical Cannabis is helping everyone, from insomniacs to cancer patients, increase the quality of their lives. More people are turning to this natural alternative to avoid the costly prices and side effects of pharmaceuticals. 

Legal Status

Cannabis is currently legal in some capacity in 29 states, with more to come. As more states legalize recreational and medical Cannabis use, demand will continue to rise along with profits. 

High Profits

Most Cannabis investment projects are returning 25% to over 100% per year! As time passes, the industry will become more competitive, driving down prices and profit. There has never been a better time. Start today! 


How much does it cost?

Our Cannabis investment projects have a minimum buy-in of $25,000. Qualified California investors are welcome to invest any amount above the minimum. 

How long does it take?

Our payouts are yearly, and all investment projects are timed projects. This means they have different start and finish dates. The exact payout date varies depending on the project. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

We do not offer any guarantees. Like any investment, our Cannabis investments have some risk. So far, we have had only profitable projects for all investors. 

Can I trust your company?

Absolutely! We are regulated by the SEC and have rewarded hundreds of California investors with reliable, high-profit returns on their Cannabis investments. 

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Private Cannabis Equity

Are you an Accredited Investor looking for high returns? "Private Cannabis Equity" is your answer. You will not find an investment with a brighter future than Cannabis. Branching out into Cannabis investments is a viable alternative for your portfolio. Your path to high returns with very little risk is here. Call and talk to a live person now! 


Current Private Equity Raise

With our first four projects being a stellar success we are now on to our fifth raise in California. This is a commercial grade, high output 155,000 square ft. greenhouse complex nestled along the California coastline. Quarterly dividends with equity position.  Ask a live associate for details. Call today! 


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